APA Referencing


Examples to use as Guidelines for APA Referencing 7th Edition

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Source Type In-Text Citation Reference List Citation
Book - Single Author (Campbell, 2018)
(Campbell, 2018, pp. 101-103)
Campbell, J. (2018).Web design: Introductory text for beginners (6th ed.). Cengage Learning.
Book - Multiple Authors Use the first author then et al.
(Berman et al., 2012)
(Berman et al., 2012), pp. 101-103)
Up to the first nineteen authors are listed; subsequent authors are omitted and replaced with an ellipsis (...) and then the last author is listed.
Berman, A., Snyder, S.J., Levett-Jones, T., Dwyer, T., Hales, M., Harvey, N., Luxford Y., Moxham, L., Park, T., Parker, B., Reid-Searl, K. & Stanley, D. (2012). Kozier and Erb's fundamentals of nursing (2nd Aust. ed.). Pearson.
Book - Editor (Fortenberry, 2017)
(Fortenberry, 2017, pp. 101-103)
Fortenberry, D. (Ed.). (2017). The art museum. Phaidon Press.
Book - Chapter (Hughes & Wilson, 2016)
(Hughes & Wilson, 2016, p. 144)
Hughes, M., & Wilson, J. (2016). Advocacy: An overarching approach. In E. Moore (Ed.), Case management: Inclusive community practice (pp. 143 -164). Oxford University Press.
E-Book (Briggs, 2019)
(Briggs, 2019, pp. 6-7)
Note: If you use the CITE/CITATION function you may need to edit the reference to align with NMTafe's practice
Briggs, J.K. (2019).Triage protocols for aging adults. http://ovidsp.ovid.com.elogin02.dtwd.wa.gov.au/ovidweb
Print Journal in print with author (Watson, 2014) Only the journal title is in italics and has capitals
Watson, T. (2014). Customer service in libraries: Best practices. Australian Library Journal, 63(2), 170-171.
Online Journal (Brewster & Morris, 2015)
(Brewster & Morris, 2015, p. 45)
Brewster, D., & Morris, P.S. (2015). Indigenous child health: Are we making progress? Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 51(1), 40- 47. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/jpc.12807
Online Image Place near image (underneath if possible)
(Warby, 2010)
Warby, W. (2010). Maple tree [Image]. "https://flic.kr/p/8PpEQD
CD/DVD (Webb, 2017) Webb, M. (Director). (2017). Gifted [DVD]. Roadshow Entertainment.
Webpage (Diabetes WA, 2019) Diabetes WA. (2019). What's your risk? https://diabeteswa.com.au/whats-your-risk/
Youtube (Tait, 2013) Tait, J. (2013, November 24). Effective flipped learning note-taking. [Video]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OawrEf6KjhU
PDF Fox, Morgan. “The Underground Railroad.” 2006. PDF file. Fox, M. (2008). Indiana income limits. Indiana Government Information. https://www.huduser.org/Datasets/IL/IL08/in_fy2008.pdf